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Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI)

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI)

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The BFSI industry is riding on a giant wave of entrepreneurial disruption and digital innovation. New data-driven technological advancements are challenging, established powerhouses. Banks and finance companies are caught between increasingly strict and costly regulations and the need to compete through continuous innovation.

The need for the hour is to transform to a financial technology, or fintech, powered by innovation and investment.
Financial technology stands on the pillars of big data, analytics, cloud computing, and machine learning, and they insist on a data-driven culture.

OTSI offers the right domain knowledge, technical expertise, and relevant experience to transform traditional banking and financial institutes to being agile, fast track fintech companies.

With a wealth of experience by partnering with some of the world’s leading banks and finance companies, we bring to you a comprehensive range of services and solutions, We get you the right results by delivering consumer-and technology-driven changes, optimized investments, enhanced operational efficiencies, and minimized risks. The next section presents some of the most pressing challenges in this sector and our solutions.

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