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Welcome to OTSI a company built on the dynamic work culture that inspires employees and promotes learning, innovation, and growth. As a successful technology company that has been in business for the last 20 years, we have made a big shift from being a profitable enterprise to being a holistic and thriving enterprise. We embarked on this journey with a handful of people, offering services in a few core areas. Today, we have diversified in different technical areas offering an array of expertise. Our core offerings have widened and cover every business-critical technology. As a family, we have grown and widened our presence in 15 different locations across 6 countries.

Over the years the one thing that has remained constant is our love for our work, our core values and our commitment to quality. That is one of the primary reasons why we boast of eighty percent repeat business. Likewise, for our associates, we have a positive and inclusive work culture, a great infrastructure, global exposure, and awe-inspiring work. And that’s why our employees love being with us.

We Have Great Mondays, and from then on it just keeps getting better…

Our Mondays are always 'action-packed'

“OTSI is perhaps the best thing that has happened to me professionally! It gives me a sense of belonging and acceptance and pushes me to deliver my best.”

Victor Carvajal
Victor Carvajal
IT Recruiter
Tuesdays are intriguing with brainstorming & discussions

“I love coming to work every single day. Here in the office, we have a lot of diversity with people coming from different cultures that make it interesting and collaborative.”

Kandepaneni Nitesh
Kandepaneni Nitesh
Software Engineer
Wednesdays are wonderful at our war rooms

“OTSI has taught me a lot of things. Here quality is sacrosanct with everything we do and becomes ingrained in your system.”

Laura Zuñiga
Laura Zuñiga
Employee Engagement Specialist
Together makes collaborative Thursdays

“Our Innovation labs have some of the best industry mentors who inspire, encourage, and empower me to be my creative best as a technologist.”

Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar
Graduate Engineer
Inspiring Deliverables Make A Glittering Friday

“I am a people person and I love learning from my interactions both within and outside the organization. OTSI has nurtured this trait in me, and my mentors and seniors have all supported me helping me build on that purpose and emerge as a leader.”

Tiffanie Jara
Tiffanie Jara
Human Resources Assistant
We work hard and party harder!

“OTSI has a young and dynamic culture that makes it very special for me as a millennial. They understand what employees want and provide the right environment for it.”

Sheylin Santana
Sheylin Santana
Lead Generation Specialist

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