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A 360 degree Criminal Profiling Solution



Business Challenge

The Central Government was facing issues with its criminal profiling. Criminal profiling is a useful tool in helping law enforcement investigators narrow down the list of suspects for a crime or in creating an outline of their possible characteristics. This compiled information is further used to determine patterns in behavior, from where the criminal originates, or where a future crime might be committed. The Central Government was facing a challenge however, in managing this online criminal profiling. There were too many stakeholders with information repository, the data was stored at different places, and there was no standard interface to pull out the records on time.


Central Government

OTSI Solution

OTSI built a country level search and analytics engine with a capability of 360-degree Criminal Profiling solution that combined data from different sources. The system uses a common interface and reporting workcenter that pulls out the desired information within minutes. The system then presents the information in creatively built dashboards that display the data in a standard easy-to-utilize format.




The automated tool saved 90% of manual efforts. It improved the speed, quality, safety, and cost of patient care. The tool offered a quick view of patients’ health history available from different departments that helped doctors with an accurate diagnosis. The tool also saved a user’s time by 80% and standardized the patient data across multiple systems, thus improving the interoperability between various departments.

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