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OTSI empowers a Government Unit with Analytics



Business Challenge

A ministry under the Central Government adopted an e-governance project. The e-governance project had automated the process of working and administration of the Companies Act. Companies were mandated to file all documents relating to incorporation, compliance, approvals, annual statutory returns electronically in the system. The process of filings had resulted in the accumulation of a plethora of information, and the system turned into an exhaustive electronic repository of the Indian corporate sector.

However, the utilization of the electronic information available in the repository was minimal. Only a few Government organizations could access some customized corporate sector data in response to their specific requests on ad-hoc/ felt-need basis from time to time. Hence, this wealth of information was woefully underutilized.



OTSI Solution

OTSI set up a Business Intelligence / Data Mining & Analytics unit in the said department. This unit generated customized statistical reports using Business Intelligence (BI) / Data Mining & Analytics tools for use by various departments of the Government for Policy-making and regulatory purposes. The main priority of this project was to demonstrate the potential of data mining, visualization, interactive reporting on the company filing forms submitted by companies to the repository system.

OTSI found that the Government unit was facing many of the issues common to technology, similar to many public sector organizations. Although the existing system would provide the data related to the filing of various companies, when the Government unit required any analysis of the data, the request for data would take from days to weeks. The main reason behind this was the complex structure of the company filings.

Further, adding to the delay in the serving of data requests, the information provided by the system would often be inaccurate and inconsistent. Analytics supplied from the existing system was not useful for economic analysis or policy-making due to companies providing different numbers in different forms when they would do the yearly filing.



Technical Design

OTSI’s Technology Consulting team evaluated the requirements of the Government unit. The OTSI Consulting team adopted a broad consultative process with all kinds of stakeholders. Conditions related to data sharing in terms of formats were collected from all stakeholders and agencies. Considering the growth in the data volume, file structures, and the future vision of integrating other government agencies’ data, the OTSI team of experts suggested implementing SAP Business Analytics on a private cloud.

Drawing on its experience in SAP Analytics Solution implementations, OTSI enabled the Government unit to implement its SAP Datawarehousing system using various SAP modules and SAP Intelligence solutions. The implementation enabled the department to analyze its existing data (in the form of XBRL/PDF files) and enable on-the-fly reporting for the regulatory team.

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