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OTSI provides Government Agency with Greater, Faster and Better Insights through Data Visualization

OTSI’s Approach

The OTSI Consulting team began with a thorough performance understanding of the system landscape and the existing issues. OTSI team then understood and enlisted the challenges of the agency, as below.

Current Scenario

A prominent research laboratory that develops technology for the use of the military for the Indian Government was facing a challenge. The agency had implemented SAP ECC and was doing its reporting using custom reports developed in ABAP directly on SAP ECC. Performing the analytics on OLAP System was their primary area of concern. The system was taking huge transaction processing time for report generation, due to heavy resource usage by the existing analytics module.

The agency reached out to OTSI as its primary implementation partner for addressing this challenge.



Business Challenge

  • Employees had difficulty finding the truth/status of the created work items since the agency was using a complex ERP with the much-automated business process in the modules MM, HR, FI, QM, PM, P.S.
  • Finding the required reports in the required formats was another big challenge
  • The absence of a standard interface to see all the analytics module from ECC and then create reports was another major pain point
  • Information was not available at a glance
  • Tracking the procurement activities was a very time-consuming process requiring to go through with many steps
  • The integration of data from other systems was complicated
  • Data in the source systems was not as per the qualitative standards and not cleansed



OTSI Solution

Drawing from its experience in SAP BI Solution implementations, OTSI recommended the agency to design its Enterprise Reporting Solution using SAP BW. OTSI Technology Experts team coordinated with the agency’s business team in understanding and documenting their requirements and designed a reporting solution.

Today , SAP BI solution with the agency merges and integrates the data from various sources like ECC, SQL Server, EXCEL, and stores in the central data warehouse. End users can see various analytical, Adhoc, formatted crystal reports, summary reports, and Dashboards across all ERP modules.

OTSI’s solution empowers the agency with 24/7, user-friendly access to the business intelligence (BI) tools to make faster and more informed decisions. BI software and solutions – including ad hoc reporting, self- service data visualization and dashboards, and more, help to improve reporting performance, by reducing report execution times over vast data sets, for the users and enable them with data visualizations and help them to discover more insights in their everyday data analyses.

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