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Our Connected Vehicle Platform (CVP) solution for Women’s Safety



Business Challenge

The Govt body has a lot of private transport agencies who roughly operate around 44 lakh kilometers. A lot of women passengers avail private transport across different routes at different hours. Their safety and security is a concern. The Govt body wanted a solution that would ensure the safety and security of women by tracking the following information.

1. Driver patterns and driving behavior
2. Wrong route identification and alerts
3. Traffic and congestion identification



OTSI Solution

OTSI developed a complete real-time multi-mode/monitoring system for transport vehicles using smart IoT devices. OTSI’s vehicle tracking system sends data packets to the server for every 10 sec in case of distress mode as against 30 sec for normal mode. The system identifies a violation/over speed vehicle and sends alerts to the RTA/Police department. A remote monitoring system also analyzes and provides age performance of a vehicle and its durability. The system takes as input passenger information before starting the trip. Also, for additional security, a panic button is available in the system.




The system ensures the safety of women by tracking the total trip. It sends out real-time alert notifications in case there are any deviations.

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