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Unique BRTS Solution for a Major Telecom Carrier


Wireless Carrier

Business Challenge

A major U.S. wireless carrier, widely recognized for developing, engineering and deploying innovative technologies, including the first wireless 4G service in the United States was facing problem back home.

The company had been facing an issue with its Radio Active Network(RAN). RAN was formally built-in the MS Suite(Legacy) system. With its growing success, the company was burdened with overwhelming data. This was causing a problem with RAN operational measurements.

The RAN data is critical as it is made available to the radio-frequency engineering community to monitor the network performance, monitor alarms, check fault Tolerance, handshakes, neighbor lists, etc.

This data needs immediate action by the radio frequency engineer.

The client needed a solution that would let them efficiently analyze the data that is coming in to see what is happening in real time.  They needed a tool that provided rich reporting through interactive dashboards and reports to visualize the incoming data.

The main challenges were:

  • Different data formats from different OEMs
  • High volumes and loads of data, causing speed/performance issues
  • Difficulty in timely availability of network performance data to        the end-users
  • Late arrival of feeds, data latency, and duplicate call data from the source
  • Lack of analytics and multidimensional(Business & Operational) view on data

After assessing several options, the telecom carrier chose OTSI as a partner for resolving this issue with RAN. They needed a quick overview of the entire network, interactive map-based dashboards, customized KPIs, and user-based ad hoc reports.



OTSI Solution

Object technology solutions Inc has developed a robust carrier-grade OSS toll suite that collects and process operational measurements, performance measurements, correlation of PM, Fault & Config management. The tool named BRTS is designed for multiple Radio Access Network. It can capture 1xRTT, EVDO, LTE, GSM and UMTS RAN parameters, BRTS is vendor agnostic. It can capture data from many OEMs. It interfaces with other carrier BSS and OSS system tools. It uses the latest cutting-edge design/architecture software and Big Data Technologies which can also replace several ends-of-life non-scalable tools that have become incapable of meeting their original functionality and performance levels.




This solution gives quick access to RAN engineers and helps them to address issues faster, presents and stores information in an organized format. Offers ten times the new insights through dynamic spatial data visualizations at half of the cost.

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