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Advanced Analytics

Charting your strategy for next-generation analytics

Advanced Analytics

Charting your strategy for next-generation analytics

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Enterprises worldwide are ruled by constant change. The changing landscape brings with it sweeping changes to the field of analytics: new business questions, applications techniques, tools, and platforms. Techniques now considered mainstream were exotic five years ago.

Staying ahead in such a scenario becomes difficult without investment in advanced analytics. Advanced analytics can act as a strong differentiator that gives you an edge over the others. To empower you with this edge, OTSI steps in with its advanced analytics solutions.

Our advanced analytics offerings cover the entire breadth of analytics processes in your organization. We offer business use case identification, executing POCs, establishing the value of data science for your organization and architecting analytics solutions using our Data Science-as-a-Service offering.

Moreover,using our experience in implementing advanced analytics for different organizations, we have built important assets in the form of business accelerators which help you streamline data management and automate complex analytics processes. The accelerators generate relevant insights and capture hidden characteristics in data, delivering huge benefits and creating positive business value for you.

Key Offerings

Analytics Consulting
Data Science as a Service
Advanced Analytics POCs
Cognitive ITSM Analytics
IoT Analytics
Insights as a Service

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