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(Enterprise Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence)

Implement the depth and breadth of Enterprise Data Warehouse capabilities with our EDW & BI offerings

Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) & Business Intelligence (BI)

Implement the depth and breadth of Enterprise Data Warehouse capabilities with our EDW & BI offerings

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Enterprises today are still finding ways to overcome the many significant challenges of building data warehouses and BI capabilities at the enterprise scale. Challenges include immature technology, multiple sources, need for speed, cost, and difficulty of choosing from the right data mart.

The issue is further aggravated by the increasing complexity in the enterprise because of the proliferation of multiple systems, locations, dynamics of mergers and acquisitions, etc.

At OTSI we help you address these challenges by offering EDW and BI services for various technology stacks. Our ability to handle different technology stacks of varying scales gives us an added USP.

We also offer complete support for these varied infrastructure systems. Using the ETL method, we efficiently and effectively extract relevant information from various data sources including data warehouses, data marts, analytical applications, and more. We further apply modern data modeling techniques on this data and model it as per the unique requirements of your organization. Finally, after a thorough design phase, we deliver high-performance data warehouses.

Further to make this data warehouse a prized asset, we offer business intelligence that is fueled by artificial intelligence. Our BI suite of offerings uses sophisticated tools and technologies that convert the data into powerful business insights. Our analytics backed business intelligence uses machine learning to create frameworks that automate different phases of the analytics life cycle gathering, curating and culling out data to generate insights relevant to you.

Key Offerings

EDW & BI Consulting
EDW Design Data Modelling
DQM, MDM, Data Governance
Enterprise Reports
Enterprise Dashboards
Enterprise Visualizations

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