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Derive Intelligent Business Insights with the Power of Augmented Analytics


Derive Intelligent Business Insights with the Power of Augmented Analytics

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OTSI’s AutoEDA is an exploratory data analysis accelerator that helps enterprises streamline data analysis routines of predictive analytics projects through intelligent automation.

Using robust statistical techniques, AutoEDA generates intelligent insights, unanticipated trends, and unlocks hidden characteristics by finding complex relationships in the data. AutoEDA’ s engine is designed to scale out to work with big data.

The accelerator translates raw data into actionable insights that aid in better domain understanding, appropriate data cleansing, and data preparation by choosing the right feature engineering techniques.

AutoEDA focuses on productivity improvements during the exploratory data analysis stage of the predictive analytics project life-cycle. It automates manual analytics development processes and can reduce up to 70% of the time from the overall data analysis phase.

AutoEDA describes and generates insights on the data through univariate and bivariate analysis. It generates descriptive and graphical data exploration findings. The insights are presented in the accelerator dashboard and are also available for download.

Key Features of AutoEDA

Dispersion Analysis

Missing Value Analysis

Correlation Analysis

Frequency Distribution Analysis

Outlier Analysis

Relationship Significance Analysis

Key Benefits of AutoEDA

Converts Raw Data into Intelligent Business Insights

Reads Data from Different Formats

Reduces 75% of Time from the overall Data Analysis Phases

Automates a major phase of your overall Data Analysis Cycle


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