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Empower your Data Science team with the Power of Augmented Analytics


Empower your Data Science team with the Power of Augmented Analytics

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Help your data scientists unlock hidden insights from your data using OTSI’s AutoML tool. The AutoML accelerator from OTSI’s Data and Analytics Centre of Excellence (CoE) is equipped with AI & ML capabilities which speeds up a positive business transformation.

Typically in the machine learning process, applying a suitable machine learning algorithm is the last but the most crucial step that helps in better decision making. Once the initial steps like data gathering, data exploration, and data pre-processing are complete, the ready-data is sent to the data scientist who then decides which algorithm to use for predicting the outcome. Sometimes, it is incredibly time-consuming for a data scientist to identify the most suitable algorithms from scores of algorithms available to him. AutoML automates this analysis and identifies the algorithm with the best performance and best predictive capabilities.

A fully automated tool, AutoML, helps achieve a higher accuracy rate on predictive models while spending far less time on building the machine learning models. It runs a more significant number of experiments, that results in faster iteration and delivers production-ready intelligent experiences.

Data analysts and junior data scientists with limited knowledge of data science can build high-performing ML models using AutoML.Multiple industries can use this accelerator for their advanced analytics projects. The accelerator enables customers with improved decision-making, faster time to market, and better insights that open doors to many possibilities.

Key Features of AutoML

Automates model building process

Uses intelligent model selection

Applicable to multiple industries

Reduces 70% of efforts required during the statistical modelling phase

Popular and state-of-the-art ML models leveraged

Key Benefits of AutoML

Connectivity to different data sources

An exhaustive list of algorithms to select from

Easy to incorporate ensemble models

Reduces 75% of the time from the overall Model Building Phase using automation

Minimal time for hyper-parameter optimization

AutoML leader board for choosing the best performing model


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