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Elegant Analytics & Search Systems


Elegant Analytics and Search Systems

Every organization needs to keep an eye on important business metrics, as it allows the organization to find out about issues that went otherwise unnoticed. What if there was an automated tool to do it?

That’s what EASy is all about.

EASy- Elegant Analytics and Search Systems is an intelligent technological framework that targets use cases where producing quick analytics reports and enterprise search without elaborate development processes and hardware is required. EASy uses open source tools for setting up rapid automated data ingestion, simple data processing, and aggregations and provides users analytical reports and data search mechanism. EASy is built on ELK stack and open-source reporting and charting tools.

Why EASy?

In any organization, most relevant information and data are available in system logs. One has to retrieve information from these logs to get access to the right data insights.

However, these logs are spread across different applications, that may be across different servers and various components. Moreover, the complexity of log analysis increases with multiple parts logging at various locations.

People interested in getting the required business-centric information out of logs generally don’t have access to the logs or may not have the technical expertise to figure out the appropriate information in the quickest possible way. This makes analysis slower, and sometimes, impossible too.

That’s where EASy fits the bill. EASy is a search and analytics framework that enables fast and scalable searches in a distributed environment.

Key Features of EASy

A framework built on Open-Source Technologies

Dynamic Data Modelling to relate multiple discrete data sources

Search empowered analytics-Search Driven Analysis

Search empowered dashboard

Cloud Deployable-SaaS Model

Ability to consume data from multiple source systems including RDBMS, Flat-files, API’s, Streaming events and Logs

Enterprise search over the data ingested

Big Data Connectors-Connectors with Hadoop and Spark

Scheduling of reports

Key Benefits of EASy

Horizontal Scalability- Handles Big Data

Self -Serviceable BI

Highly Responsive - Faster Retrieval

Geospatial Analysis - Map Based Analysis

Self-Serviceable analysis - Adhoc Reporting

Interactive Dashboards - Slice & Dice Data

User Authentication - User Management

Time Series Analysis - Understand Trends


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