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VPRA – (Voice Powered Real-Time Analytics)

Creating Business Value from Your Data

VPRA – (Voice Powered Real-Time Analytics)

Creating Business Value from Your Data

Every new decade brings in a new form of human-computer interaction. From mouse to touch, we have come a long way today to embrace voice, our most natural kind of interaction.

VPRA our proprietary voice-powered real-time analytics tool is part of this new conversational AI system where computers and humans interact simply by having a conversation, our most natural form of interaction

VPRA is an intelligent cognitive assistant for Business Managers, Sales Managers, and Support Managers, that provides descriptive and predictive business analytics in real-time over a voice and a chatbot medium. VPRA lets you automate your complete Sales BI exercise, simply by voice-based questioning over a chatbot. VPRA then presents all kinds of crucial sales reports, including company-wide sales, region-wise sales, product line-wise sales, quarter-wise sales forecasting, and much more within a few seconds. VPRA truly puts data on your fingertips and helps you drive efficiency within your sales team. Moreover, it effectively helps you identify blind spots, get an instantaneous view of things, and go paperless.

The VPRA framework revolutionizes the way users interact with reports. A conversational AI framework, VPRA utilizes the NLP agents like LEX, Java, and python to process the natural language and present the results. VPRA leverages state-of-the-art natural language understanding (NLU) and machine learning (ML) techniques to deliver the industry’s most robust and engaging sales conversational experience.

Key Benefits of VPRA

Available round the clock to access your sales data, reports, process status and related queries

Allows employees to access their work-related reports from anywhere, anytime

Works at a blazing speed

Available on voice, say » Hello VPRA, and start the interaction with VPRA

Generates reports and emails them directly to the recipients'

Compatible with Desktop, Mobile and Tab


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