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Specialized Test Capabilities

Aim for a continuous available solution

Specialized Test Capabilities

Aim for a continuous available solution

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Leverage our specialized test capabilities to stay ahead, adapt, and deliver to the changing demands of emerging technologies. We are the single go-to place to find the best practices, trends, tools, and solutions to test applications as they face the evolving digital world. Our specialized testing capabilities are essential to provide solutions to current testing challenges, combining proven methods and processes, experiences and best practices, supported by best-in-class tools.

Our focus regarding QA transformation has evolved over the last few years; It has extended to address the vulnerabilities in digital business. Our sophisticated Center of Excellence (CoE) offer agile delivery models and enhanced customer experience and business assurance.

Our CoE delivers the essential strategy, methods, intelligence, and accelerators to ensure that our specialized software testing capabilities derive peak performance for you.

Key Offerings

Application Migration Testing
SAP Testing
SAP/ERP/BPM Solutions
IoT Testing
Cloud Testing
AI/ML Testing

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