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Connected Vehicle Platform

Combining the Power of Lean and Technology to Fuel Your Supply Chain Management with Connected Vehicle Platform (CVP)

The well-targeted use of technology can dramatically reduce your risks and accelerate your progress. Our Connected Vehicle Platform (CVP) is one such solution that gives you a big headstart to leaner and cost effective supply chain management systems.

OTSI uses advanced technologies like RFID and GPS Tracking , to develop feature-rich Connected Vehicle Platform, a vehicle tracking system that can assist the transport managers to monitor, control and administer the transport operations.

Using the principles of IoT and GPS tracking we bring the entire vehicle monitoring system on your handheld device. With the combination of RFID tags, GPS tracking and advanced mobility features we deliver a seamless interconnected solution that can be fine-tuned as per your requirement.

Our connected vehicle platform lets you track the location of your vehicle online in real-time. You can choose any GPS system to track your vehicle’s movement. You can also monitor and track other features of the vehicle such as exact location, speed, fuel consumption and travel history. The vehicle tracking system can be used for personal or business needs. The application is already successfully running in different setups including Government Offices for e-governance. Other popular areas of application are for monitoring your inventory, salesforce, school bus, and employees and fieldforce.


Control Fuel Costs

Manage Idle Time

Restrict Violations

Eliminate Paperwork

Discover Limitless


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